An online learning platform for business and individual courses

Digemy is an online learning platform that provides digital courses in the form of videos, slides, text, downloadable pdfs and quizzes.

Why Digemy was born

We have always had a passion for people and want people to become the best versions of themselves that they can be. We want to dare people to live, encourage them to inspire, challenge them to dream and to achieve goals beyond their wildest imaginations. We want to help people activate their passions, find their purpose and use their knowledge to the best of their ability.

For that to happen, they need access to quality information. Information that breeds unbelievable knowledge. The type of knowledge that is the foundation of greatness and indispensable value.

We want to help people activate this knowledge, for knowledge alone is not power; the application and activation of knowledge is power.
We want to change lives so that they can change the world and make a difference to the people and environment around them.

We have realised the need for knowledge that drives change; change in the entire world, but especially in South Africa. Children go to school and even university, being instructed on the pillars of western education, but without any knowledge on how to practically apply this to the world around them. Learners get out of school and university without the basic education on how the world works and without the necessary financial education to help them be excellent stewards of their finances.

Our dream is to change that, and that through digemy, a new world awaits.

How will we do this?

We have created a unique, engaging and easy to use learning management system that gives the learner access to valuable information while helping them retain that information and build knowledge using industry leading techniques. We have combined our passion for teaching with neuroscience in order to optimise the retention of information and create a system that drives the application of knowledge. Each coarse is broken down into micro modules that are reiterated during the learning process by use of an algorithm designed to enhance the retention and application of knowledge.

We therefore don’t only give learners access to great information, but also help them remember the information in order for them to convert it to applied knowledge.

What information do we want to teach?

Financial literacy

We believe that many of people in South Africa go under because of their lack of financial knowledge. Too many learners graduate form an institution without a sound knowledge on how to structure their personal finances and how financial products work.

We want to bridge this gap between the education given by schools, colleges and universities, and the practical application of finances in everyday life.

Financial literacy is one of our key drivers. The course is aimed to educate the learner on the financial world, the basics of money and how it is applied in the world around them. We want to facilitate learners on how to save, budget and do financial planning so that they can become financially free. This includes the basics of micro and macro economics, how money works and how it was designed, how to calculate fractions and percentages and how to use it in everyday life and how to read financial information so it makes sense. We want to teach them about credit, life insurance, short term insurance,banking and investing, to enable them to use it wisely when the time arises. We then want to embed this knowledge so they know how to use credit in smart and sustainable ways to help increase their net worth rather than falling into the lifestyle of over consumption. We want to help them make sound decisions in buying their first car, renting their first apartment, taking out health care, life- and personal insurance policies, applying for their first mortgage and making their first investment. We want to teach them about the fine print in financial products, how to choose the right financial products for their needs, and therefore activate their ability to discern between good and bad financial decisions.

Personal development

We believe that South Africa is in dire need of three vital mindsets, namely authentic leadership, mentorship, and accountability. We want to activate these mindsets to create a country where knowledge is transferred from generation to generation, where the younger generation is mentored by the previous generation, where leaders stand up for what is right in order to actively drive change and where people hold each other accountable to their goals, dreams and purpose, to create a country that is a light to the world around them.

We believe that in order to drive sound financial decisions, we need to look at all the decisions people make that influence their quality of life. We therefore want people to develop holistically and not just in one area of their lives.

We believe that just changing financial decisions and changing financial behaviour is not enough, since all the other non financial decisions have an impact on the learner, which could ultimately also drive financial behaviour.

We want to teach them about the power of habit and how to cultivate positive habits that drives a balanced, happy and successful lifestyle. We want to teach them how to plan their life ahead in order for them to efficiently manage their time to create a lifestyle of resourcefulness. We want to teach them how to activate their values and make sure they have enough time and resources to enjoy those values. We want to teach them how to set goals in the right framework, enabling them to follow the right steps with the right accountability partners in order to achieve those goals. We want to teach them how to counter procrastination and how to focus on the right tasks first, how to delegate tasks and take responsibility without delegating responsibility in order for them to add immense value to the organisations they will eventually create and/or work for. We want to teach them about the principles of success and how success is in their control, how to become authentic leaders that multiply the genius of those around them, and eventually, help them become mentors that change people, nations and generations to come.


Formal education teaches how to create a product or service, but hardly ever how to sell that service and translate it into a sustainable business. We want to enable learners to think out of the box, start something new, and create business’s of their own that focusses on delivering value while creating jobs.

We want to teach learners what the difference is between a bankable and feasible idea, how to raise funds, what the difference is between debt and equity funding and when to use which, and how to create a financial roadmap and drive that roadmap to meet the required business goals.

We want to teach them how to sell, how to create pricing- and budget models, how to create digital marketing strategies that boost their business and how the power of aspirational clarity can change the strategic drive behind a business. We want to enable learners to become creators of wealth and value, as opposed to distributors of wealth and value. And finally, we want to help people create companies and enhance companies that deliver amazing products and value, and are recognised as leaders in their market all over the world.

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