The power of repetition in learning

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Practice makes perfect. The more we do something in the right way, the more proficient we become at it. In the same way, the more we repeat a piece of information, the easier it is for our brain to remember it.

The Science Behind Learning

When we learn something new, the neurons in our brain storing that information fire and bind. The more we repeat that information, the thicker those neurons will become, and the longer the retention of that information becomes. If we don’t repeat that information, those neurons will die a slow death.

For that reason, repetition of information is absolutely essential for learning and development. If the goal of learning and development is to fill skills gaps by gaining information that will help us become better at our skill if applied, then repetition is absolutely essential. You simply cannot apply something you cannot remember, and the probability of remembering information significantly decreases if no repetition is implemented.

Why Skills Development and Training Fails Without Repetition

Too many organisations spend millions on skills development and training, yet only see a slight increase in efficiency after employees return from training, and with some employees, often never see any change at all.

The reason is often that learners never recap information. They do a course once, write a test, tick the boxes, and then training is done. But in reality, it actually only begins at this stage. After just 1 month of learning something for the first time and never repeating it, the probability of retaining that information is 20%, which lowers to 5% after just 2 months. The reality is that this is what most organisations are cultivating without even realising it. They are spending millions on learning and development, often realising just 5% on their investment due to a lack of repetition in their training environment.

Combatting the Forgetting Curve

With Digemy, we measure the knowledge of the learner before they start with a course, and then create unique learning cycles that repeat byte sized learning modules at the right time, at the right frequency, in order to break the forgetting curve. This means that we don’t frustrate the learner by repeating information they already know, and manage to decrease the time spent learning while increasing the learner’s knowledge significantly. You now have an intelligent platform that keeps the learner accountable to what they need to repeat, and knows what they need to repeat to increase their knowledge levels. All the learner needs to do is log into the platform, spend 5 to 10 minutes learning everyday, from their mobile, PC or tablet.

And the result? Knowledge retention of up to 95% after just two months! By using our technology we manage to invert the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, and also significantly increase the organisation’s learning and development ROI, proving real investment value by utilising the POWER of repetition.