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A new way of learning

One of the single most important aspects of any organisation is their people. Digemy is built around empowering people, increasing knowledge and driving performance. Our platform makes learning fun, mobile and measurable.

We make the learning process
as fun & engaging as possible.





One of a kind technology

Our unique platform challenges the way in which people learn. It takes studying for “passery” to studying for mastery. Our technology delivers content in such a way that it actively increases knowledge without interrupting your day or taking up too much of your time.

Organisations world-wide face the same challenges when it comes to educating their people.


Measuring the return on the millions spent on training


Lack of accurate insights into the knowledge levels of employees


Measuring engagement and incentivising training

Organisations spend millions annually on face-to-face training without being able to measure the return on the investment or the knowledge retained.

Course progress and completion are often the success criteria for training. What about knowledge?

Because information is not regularly recapped, up to 95% of course material may be forgotten within two months of training.

Organisations have no way to measure how well gained knowledge is being applied to the daily lives of their people.

Until now, technology could provide little accurate insight into granular knowledge levels gained from educational training.

Traditional organisational training offers very little incentive for employees to engage continually in learning activities to increase their knowledge and skill levels.

Repetition &
reiteration matter

You cannot apply what you do not know.

Our neurological methodologies and unique learning algorithms change the way you learn and consume information.

By delivering content in bite-size chunks on a learning plan tailored to each individual, we are able to increase knowledge retention by up to 95% after two months.

Digital learning
in the palm of your hand

Digemy delivers content in bite-size chunks, in the palm of your hand. Learn from micro-modules while on the move or waiting for appointments.

We fully mobilise learning by delivering course content in text, audio and video format, on PC, tablet and mobile devices.

Content Development Assistance

Don’t have the time to create your own content?
Let our specialist Content Development Team create content for you.

Clients and Partners


“ By implementing the Digemy Knowledge Partner in Cipla, we have increased the engagement and knowledge levels of our employees significantly. Their ability to break down courses into granular levels and display the results using active dashboards enable us to analyse our learning environment within seconds, without having to use any additional business analytics. We can now measure the knowledge growth of our learners, see which learners are struggling with what content and why, and also incentivise performers and link their knowledge growth to KPI’s.

Digemy service is responsive and professional, and they are always willing to add and develop to their existing platform to meet our needs.  All in all a great experience. ”

Jacques Van Staden | Chief Operations Officer


White Labelling

Use our engine…
with your name on it.

Do you have an e-learning business and need a results-driven learning engine?
Are you a corporate company in need of a branded training platform for your employees?

Our white-labelled solution empowers you to use our technology and redistribute it with your brand.
Forget about outdated e-learning solutions using basic video and Q&A.

Let Digemy transform your learning experience.

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West Block WB06E, Tannery Park, 21-23 Belmont Road, Rosebank